Moving Tips and Moving Checklist


couple unpacking boxes

Use good boxes to pack…avoid using old, heavily used, or brittle boxes.  For specialty items, use specialty boxes (i.e., wardrobe boxes).


Don’t over pack boxes.  Boxes should be 45 lbs or less.


If you have heavy items in a box, fill the empty space in the box with light items like blankets or towels.


You can also you blankets and towels to wrap fragile items and save space.


You just can’t use enough newspaper, bubble wrap, or other packing material to wrap fragile items.  Start collecting those materials early.


Label your boxes by room.   Also indicate if the box has fragile items, is particularly heavy, or if it should be loaded last so that it can be unloaded first.


Pack liquids, medicines, and cleaning supplies in leak proof containers.


Have rugs and draperies cleaned before moving and leave them in the plastic wrapping for transport.


Do not clean upholstered furniture before moving.  Dampness may cause mildew if the items are stored for extended periods of time.


Decide what to do with your houseplants…some states regulate the importing of plants from other states.


Moving Checklists:


Many movers provide moving checklists and the web is full of them. Here are a few good one's:




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